Is the Mindful Living Retreat for you? It is if..

* At times you feel that life is just one big rush, you feel overwhelmed, like you never get it all done, you feel short with those you love and perhaps you also find it hard to get a good night sleep.

 *  Perhaps you would like further inspiration professionally and have heard and read a little about mindfulness and would like to experience it in a deeper way and get the ‘tools’ to integrate it into your daily life?

 *  You would just like a break, if you would like to recalibrate, reflect and recharge.

 *  You want the best massages, the most exquisite surroundings, the wisdom of mindfulness and your heart reinvigorated.

These retreats can be the perfect tonic to a busy year, a fabulous starting point for your mindfulness journey or a place to focus and refine your use of the mindfulness principles and techniques so you can take them back to your workplace or home.


Charlotte Thaarup - Owen


The Mindfulness Clinic

Jane Cay



During your Mindful Living retreat, you will enjoy:

*  Marvelous massages, wonderful food, and yoga

 *  Experience different types of Mindfulness (attention training, body scan,
Mindful Self Enquiry, Loving kindness, walking meditation and yoga)

 *  An improved understanding of mindfulness theory and technique

 *  Learning about Buddhist Psychology

 *  Discussing current research on mindfulness and neuroplasticity

 *  Applying the principles and applications of mindfulness in a clinical practice

 *  Practicing mindful communication to improve relationships and resolve conflict

 *  Discussing our negative bias and how to actively work on regaining more balance in your general outlook

 *  Exploring the role of mindfulness training for self-care and stress management

When you combine your complete mindfulness program with massage, yoga, a beautiful environment and plenty of warmth and kindness, the time spent at a revitalising retreat provides you with an unforgettable experience - a treasured milestone in your mindfulness journey.

Mindful Leadership Retreat Extension

This year, you can do the mindful Living retreat on it's own (six nights) or add two days of mindful Leadership learning.

Mindful Leadership is for you if… you have proven that you know your job on a practical, technical or intellectual level. Now it is time to hone in on the inner strengths, the interpersonal and the core leadership attitudes and skills.

This peak performance program is designed for: Leaders & Managers in operational roles – Business owners – HR & Learning and Development professionals – Financial Sector professionals – Sales & Marketing professionals – Coaches – Anyone seeking to better manage their workload and personal life.

Learning Outcomes:

 *  Ability to implement the Key Leadership traits which determine effective leadership

 *  Ability to keep calm, focused and creative in an ever changing work environment

 *  Increased clarity and focus Improved physical wellbeing Increased physical, emotional and mental resilience

 *  Increased self awareness and self mastery Increased compassion for self and others

Our Leadership program is based on Posner and Kouzes' work. The program is being researched by Macquarie University and is showing stress reduction of 28% in the workplace.


Bali, Indonesia

The Zen Resort is the perfect place for restoration and rejuvenation of mind, body, and spirit. It is a small Bali gem, with the most wonderful staff and the massages, we are repeatedly told - the best in the world.


Mindful Living
retreat only

21 - 27 May, 2016


Mindful Living & Mindful Leadership

21 - 29 May, 2016

** The deposit AU $400.00 is payable immediately upon registration to secure your place and is non-refundable, however if the trip is cancelled due to insufficient number of trip participants you will receive a full refund.

This deposit will be applied in full to the cost of the trip.

Final payment of the balance due must be received 6 weeks prior to departure.
Cancellation fees 90-60 days, 25% of the cost of the trip; 60-31 days, 50%; 30 days, 100% of cost.

Past Mindfulness Retreat Participant Testimonials

"The depth of knowledge and understanding was very evident to me.  The way Charlotte and Julia were able to simplify the relevant research, studies and science behind the program was fantastic."
Senior Exec, Kuala Lumpur

"This week has been a life changing experience." Executive NSW  
"Mindful Leadership retreat is essential for leaders in any capacity who work to be present with themselves and their teams. I have been inspired to return (to Charlotte’s retreat) and utilize the many tools of mindfulness to be the best leader I can be."
CEO, Melbourne

"I had no idea I would come away with so much insight and so many tools for both mindfulness for self and for leadership."
Director, Melbourne

Additional Information:
*  Consult your physician for information regarding immunizations, medications, etc.
*  Travel Insurance is required.  Secure best rates within two weeks of registering.

 *  We recommend that participants purchase trip cancellation insurance.
 *  No partial refunds are possible for unused accommodations, air and land travel, unused or missed meals, transfers and tours.
 *  Local conditions within Bali may necessitate changes in the itinerary which are out of control of The Mindfulness Clinic. However we will endeavour to carry out the program as stated in the itinerary.
 *  The Mindfulness Clinic reserves the right to cancel this program prior to departure for any reason including insufficient number of participants.